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Bald Logo offers, "animate social marketing." This term refers to the merger of stunt marketing and online, social media marketing. Our in-house personnel are trained in public relations, SEO strategy and content writing.

We also offer a strong video production crew, and of course, our bald promoters!



How can my logo's exposure be proven?

​A photo of bystander exposure or the site location will be provided at a minimum of each hour every day a logo is fashioned. Follow Bald Logo online via social media for updates and check the email account with which you designate for Bald Logo to send footage of your logo or advertisement gaining attention from bystanders, friends and online viewers.


May I target specific demographics and designate events for logo exposure?


Absolutely. For events, conferences or other location-specific targeting outside of Austin, Texas transportation expenses must be provided. Soon, we will have bald promoters in other major cities. Check back periodically as we grow our bald community. All event targeting, entry fees or associated expenses for event registration must be provided by the advertising purchaser.


In what communities does Bald Logo operate?


This is up to the client, though Bald Logo has expertise and extensive knowledge of the highest density foot traffic areas, the best gatherings and events taking place in Austin, Texas. Bald Logo is a dynamic business with a wide spectrum of engagement possibilities. We are willing to engage any niche community as long as no bald promoter is ever put in harms way. Whether music, business, academic, sport oriented or other, Bald Logo is ready to dispatch, pound the pavement and promote your brand.


How is the logo applied and how long is it worn?

After purchasing your logo and booking your date, you will be prompted to send a high resolution logo design for Bald Logo to create a temporary tattoo. These are water proof for one day and offer vivid colors and detail design. Logos are typically fashioned on both sides of the head. The logo will be worn throughout the duration of any specified event, whereby Bald Logo will strategically engage crowded areas. Logos are worn during 6 hours for each payment submitted. Night or day time promotions are available depending on your promotional needs.


Is Bald Logo willing to engage in sales while fashioning the logo?

Bald Logo is exceptionally skilled at promoting brands. We will engage crowds and socialize. Selling on behalf of the client includes an added expense, but we are absolutely capable and experienced in such exercises. Bald Logo trains our bald promoters to articulately and passionately represent our clients. We thoroughly research the company and products we represent before fashioning logos on bald heads.

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