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To become a "Baldangelical" submit all
info to
1. Prepare a high-res photo of your bald head (smile!)
2. Provide your location, city and community
3. Tell us who will see your head on a given day
4. Are you willing to attend specific events to promote?
5. What's your occupation (unemployment is okay!)
6. Why do you believe bald is beautiful?
7. Provide your bald story. What motivates you?
8. Why do you support our charity?
9. Please submit your resume and/or a phone number.
Have more questions? Ask us below...


Are you bald and in Austin?

Message us!

Even if you're not in Austin, let us know you're out there!

To learn how to become a "Baldangelical" and earn extra income on your bald head, follow the steps in the video!

Join a movement of animate social marketing that's increasingly effective for outreach and cost-effective for companies.

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