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Our Inspiration

The idea for Bald Logo could date back to 1995 with the alternative rock band, Presidents of the United States. Pause the video at 51 seconds to see an ad on a bald head!

The idea for Bald Logo was floated in major media outlets in 2007 on the popular television show, Whose Line Is It Anyway. Start watching at 2:30 for a good laugh and a great idea! 

Idea for Bald Logo Gains Traction in 2008

A New Zealand airlines goes after bald passengers to promote their services.



The first hair follicles fell while Bald Logo's founder, Brandon Chicotsky, was managing a campaign office for future President Barack Obama. The following years were spent in policy advocacy and public affairs involving the United States Congress. Brandon gave his heart, sweat and hair to American civics.

While a graduate student at NYU, the time came to retire what once was a well groomed noggin. Brandon soon realized his baldness drew the eyes of colleagues and became a recurring conversation point. Thus, the idea for Bald Logo was expanded.

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Philip Spellman is a CPA who graduated from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor in Business Administration and a Masters in Professional Accounting. 

Phil began his career with Ernst & Young in Austin, Texas where he primarily audited privately held and publicly traded companies.  After leaving Ernst & Young as a Senior Consultant, Phil was campaign manager for Greg Gordon in his Austin Mayoral campaign.  He later managed a private real estate company in the Dallas area overseeing operations and personnel in a $20M business.

Phil joined Robert Half International (RHI) in 2005, relocated with them to Silicon Valley in 2006 and later became a Division Director where he managed the San Jose Management Resources team. In 2010, he joined DeWinter Consulting as a Director of Business Development.  DeWinter Group was recognized as one of the fastest growing private companies in Silicon Valley during his tenure and remained with them through late 2012. While at RHI and DeWinter, Philip specialized in the recruiting, marketing and sales of senior level finance and accounting professionals.

To contact Philip Spellman (Bald Logo, COO):       ​

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